Create II, Re-Tape Mixer Ben Wilkins, Re-Recording Blender Jim Lakin, Design Mixer

Create II, Re-Tape Mixer Ben Wilkins, Re-Recording Blender Jim Lakin, Design Mixer

Create II, Re-Tape Mixer Ben Wilkins, Re-Recording Blender Jim Lakin, Design Mixer

Limit your Passion • IRASSHAIMASE! • HBO/HBO MaxHBOEarl Martin, seniorpeoplemeet Re-Recording Mixer Chuck Buch, Cas, Design Blender Michael Miller, ADR Blender

Hacks • The latest Captain’s Partner • HBO/HBO MaxUniversal Television in colaboration with Paulilu, Earliest Consider Projects, Fremulon Designs, step 3 Arts EntertainmentJohn W.

George Carlin’s Western Dream • HBO/HBO MaxHBO Documentary Video presents an enthusiastic Apatow/Go up Movies Creation in association with Heartbeat FilmsEarl Martin, Re-Tape Blender Jason Gaya, Re-Tape Blender Brad Bergbom, Creation Mixer Kevin Rosen Quan, Development Mixer

Simply Murders On the Building • The fresh new Guy Regarding 6B • Hulu20th TelevisionLindsey Alvarez, Re-Recording Mixer Mathew Oceans, Cas de figure, Re-Recording Mixer Joseph Light Jr., Development Blender

Ted Lasso • Rainbow • Fruit Tv+Fruit gift ideas a good Doozer Development in association with Warner Bros. Television and Common TelevisionRyan Kennedy, Re-Recording Mixer Sean Byrne, Re-Recording Mixer David Lascelles, Development Mixer Arno Stephanian, Foley Mixer

What we should Perform On Shadows • New Local casino • FXFX ProductionsDiego Gat, Cas de figure, Re-Recording Blender Sam Ejnes, Re-Recording Mixer Rob Beal, Design Blender

Adele: One night Only • CBSFulwell 73 British Minimal and you may Forth Designs in colaboration with Harpo ProductionsPaul Wittman, Production Mixer Tom Elmhirst, Songs Mixer Eric Schilling, Tunes Mixer Josh Morton, Re-Recording Mixer Kristian Pedregon, Re-Tape Mixer Shane O’Connor, Re-Recording Mixer Religious Schrader, Extra Musical Mixer

New 64th Annual Grammy Prizes • CBSFulwell 73 British LimitedThomas Holmes, Production Blender John Harris, Musical Blender Eric Schilling, Sounds Mixer Religious Schrader, Extra Audio Mixer Eric Johnston, Playback Mixer Josh Morton, Bundle Blender Ron Reaves, FOH Songs Blender Jeffrey Michael Peterson, FOH Design Mixer Mike Parker, Display screen Mixer Tom Pesa, Monitor Mixer Juan Pablo Velasco, Pro Units Playback Mixer Aaron Stroll, Specialist Equipment Playback Mixer

The Late Tell you That have Stephen Colbert • First Show Straight back Having An audience, Dana Carvey As Joe Biden, Interview Which have Jon Stewart, And you will Jon Batiste Really works “Freedom” • CBSCBS StudiosPierre de- Laforcade, Manufacturing Mixer Harvey Goldberg, Aired Sounds Mixer Alan Bonomo, Monitor Blender Tom Herrmann, Front from Household Blender

The latest Pepsi Awesome Bowl LVI Halftime Reveal Featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, ar And you may 50 Penny • NBCJesse Collins Activities, DPS and you will Roc NationThomas Holmes, Creation Blender Alex Guessard, FOH Production Blender Dave Natale, FOH Music Blender Tom Pesa, Monitor Blender Religious Schrader, Supplemental Tunes Mixer Pablo Munguia, Professional Units Playback Blender

Saturday-night Live • Host: John Mulaney • NBCSNL Studios in association with Universal tv and you can Broadway VideoRobert Palladino, Cas de figure, Creation Mixer Ezra Matychak, Design Mixer Bob Selitto, FOH Audio Blender Honest J. , Cas de figure, FOH/Foldback Blender Caroline Sanchez, FOH Design Mixer Josiah Gluck, Cas de figure, Audio Mixer Tyler McDiarmid, Playback Mixer Douglas Nightwine, Monitor Mixer William Taylor, Cas de figure, Sounds blender Devin Emke, Bundle Blender Eric Pfeifer, Package Mixer Andrew Guastella, Plan Mixer

The Beatles: Get back • Part step three: Days 17-twenty-two • Disney+Apple Corps Limited and you may WingNut Movies Projects LimitedMichael Bushes, Re-Tape Mixer Brent Burge, Re-Recording Blender Alexis Feodoroff, Re-Tape Mixer Giles Martin, Musical Mixer

Lizzo’s Be cautious about The top Grrrls • Are 100% That Bitch • Primary VideoAmazon StudiosErik Brena, Re-Recording Blender Ross D’Alessandro, Design Mixer Julianne Kane, Creation Mixer Deanna Decenario, Production Mixer

Duca Jr

McCartney 3, dos, step one • These things Enable you to get Together • HuluHulu, Processes Content, Good Tetragrammaton, Movie forty-five, Kennedy/Marshall Organization, MPL CommunicationsGary An effective. Rizzo, Cas, Re-Recording Blender Laura Cunningham, Manufacturing Mixer

RuPaul’s Drag Battle • Large Opening #step 1 • VH1World out of WonderErik Valenzuela, Re-Tape Mixer David Nolte, Manufacturing Blender Glenn Gaines, Creation Blender

The book Away from Boba Fett • Disney+Lucasfilm Ltd.Richard Bluff, Graphic Outcomes Supervisor Abbigail Keller, Visual Consequences Manufacturer Paul Kavanagh, Cartoon Manager Cameron Neilson, Assoc. Visual Effects Management Scott Fisher, Unique Consequences Supervisor John Rosengrant, History Consequences Management Enrico Damm, ILM Visual Consequences Management Robin Hackl, Visualize System Artwork Effects Manager Landis Sphere, Virtual Design Visualization Management

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