To thrive, lady had to deal with reality

To thrive, lady had to deal with reality

To thrive, lady had to deal with reality

“We need to recognize one truth decides its very own laws and regulations, and these laws and regulations can be over vicious. A keen Armenian woman, retaining their old-fashioned character out of “guardian of the fireplace”, is additionally altering. This woman is a lot more experienced, way more mind-confident and healthier. Either she actually is obligated to deal with besides the new part away from a protector, but in addition the positions out of protector and you may inventor of one’s fireplace. Examples are many, and you can disregarding him or her try dumb and ridiculous. However, all this happen not in the name out-of freedom and you will feminism, but in demands out-of fact. Of course, soon this can lead to the introduction out-of a unique age group of women that happen to be confident and you may worry about-reliant. Recently our men are broken. I am daring sufficient to accept it. The fresh age group of your fathers and you can grandfathers with genuine male thinking, is sadly, a history.”

  • Feminists try representatives off overseas nations whose aim would be to wreck the fresh new Armenian people, that’s centered on “natural” and you will “moral” sex office off positions.This myth is in fact close by Robinson’s take a look at. But not, if you find yourself Robinson considered that feminists got emerged to help you wreck this new capitalist way of life, the fresh Armenian anti-feminists blame feminists for being Us agencies who bequeath “American” and “European” lifestyles, combat and you will aim from the ruining the newest “genuine, natural Armenian way of being.”

And therefore should not be attributed into the “underground dark forces that need to damage the nation,” but our selves, and first of all, the guys

Throughout the an attention class interview, an associate asked new moderator: “Just what, need the fresh new American truth for all of us?” Whenever questioned the way it was at America, and you will that was “bad and hazardous,” zero clear answer is obtained.

“Towards the of several times you will find talked about the fascination of our own nation by foreign societies, additionally the of several manifestations of the attraction. This time around, yet not, I do want to explore one of the largest damages out-of 21 st century, that’s, feminism.”

“An enthusiastic Armenian feminists. It expression by itself tunes strange so you can ears. It appears absurd and also ridiculous. This new concepts regarding “feminism” and you will “an Armenian Woman” don’t go with the fresh attitudes away from an “average Armenian boy”.”

At the time, a fascinating inclination is actually noticed within the investigation. When you look at the news and you can internet books, as well as within the attract group interviews, most of people offered feminism because the “evil” highlight they are perhaps not up against equivalence anywhere between group, but they are against feminism. That is to say, the phrase “feminism” is actually thought of getting a risky experience, since it is a different, and never a national technology.

New factors of feminism just like the foreign, non-Armenian and dangerous try directly pertaining to brand new anti-Western aura and are generally clearly shown on the development of professional-Russian feelings. It ought to be indexed that the myth from “feminists given that overseas representatives” is actually complete conformity to your prevalent emotions from inside the Russian community.

Their brochure called “Trap out of Glory” (Vorogayt Parats) typed inside 1773 and you may considered to be the initial Armenian Structure, demonstrably reflects the newest non-discriminatory, feminist and you will open minded thoughts of your journalist so you can situations away from equality anywhere between both women and men

The fresh attribution out of feminism in order to “international origins” are alarming just like the still back into several th century Mkhitar Gosh repaid great focus on gender items in the Datastanagirk (Brand new Code). The guy discussed in detail sex problems that was indeed pertaining to organization out-of interactions anywhere between men and women (generally wedding), including matrimony arrangements to help you terms and conditions and you can consequences from split up. Almost every other thinkers implemented Gosh, also Shahamir Shahamirian. According to Shahamirian, the individuals, whether men or women, Armenian or a foreigner, have to have equivalent liberties and you will receive equivalent buy really works, as well as see equivalent feelings on themselves.

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