What Do You Need to Get Started On Kasidie?

What Do You Need to Get Started On Kasidie?

What Do You Need to Get Started On Kasidie?

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Kasidie is emerging as a bit of a “hidden gem” among swingers sites. It’s popular with younger swingers looking for a party and who aren’t afraid to experiment sexually, and it’s also a place where you can make new friends and new connections in the adult world.

Naturally, there are lots of swinger dating sites out there – so which one is right for you? Is Kasidie worth your money?

I signed up to Kasidie with my partner and put it to the test. We’re both aged 30, we’re both sexually adventurous, and we wanted to see whether Kasidie would give us what we wanted in terms of fulfilling our sexual fantasies.

What Is Kasidie?

Kasidie is a swingers site that doubles up as an adult community. That’s to say that, while you can use the site to fulfill your erotic fantasies and meet other horny swinger couples, you can also use it just to make new friends and learn more about the wonderful world of swinging.

That said, its focus lies primarily on erotica. It wants to help young couples meet other young couples to swing together, arrange swinger parties, and try new things together in (and out of) the bedroom.

And while it isn’t the most popular swingers site in the world at the moment, there are still over 20,000 active weekly users, with most couples using the site to find hookups. Of course, singles use this dating site, too, but couples outweigh them vastly, while ages tend to fall below 35 on average.

  • Reputable dating site
  • Excellent web design
  • Easy registration process
  • Adult community of swingers
  • Lots of features
  • Relatively small user base
  • Possible fake accounts
  • Not really for singles

Who Is Kasidie For?

Couples – As mentioned, singles do use Kasidie website, but most Kasidie members sign up as couples. As such, they’re predominantly looking for other couples to swing with.

Young swingers – Kasidie tends to attract a younger crowd. If you’re aged between 18 and 35, this might be the swinger site for you.

Party people – Since Kasidie’s user base is made up primarily of younger people; it figures that many of them are part of the “party crowd.” They’re looking for a good time!

Those curious about swinging – Not everyone who uses Kasidie has swinging experience. Some who sign up are interested in learning more about swinging. If this sounds like you, Kasidie might be worth a closer look.

Those who take swinging seriously – Kasidie is a premium swingers site used by a small group of people. Most of them take swinging very seriously and don’t want to be bet by time wasters on this dating site.

Who Is Kasidie Not For?

Older swingers – If you’re aged over 40, it might be best to find an alternative swingers site, such as AdultFriendFinder. This is because Kasidie’s user base leans more on the younger side of things.

Male singles – While a handful of female singles use Kasidie, it’s very rare that couples will strike up a opiniГіn heatedaffairs connection with a single male using this particular swingers site.

The signup process can be as simple and as straightforward as you like, or it can take a little longer.

To begin, you need to fill in a simple form that requires a username, a password, a valid email address, as well as confirmation of whether you’re registering as a couple or as a single. Then, you’ll be asked to upload the main profile picture, which must be of you and your partner (or just you if you’re single).

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