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They don’t ask you who you are, or what you do, but they track what you are doing, through their dedicated surveillance team, by using forensics assistance, to make sure that their members are having a great time securely.


No strings attached is just waiting to get enough members, it is ready to give a different and discreet flavour of the online world of romance and hook-ups. Before you sign up and pay, just make sure, you have enough people around your place, you will not probably fly to London from Hong Kong to have sex. If there are members, then it is one of the best site to give you pleasure and excitement, secured behind your alias.

OnwardMobility confirmed on its website that it will no longer be involved in producing a secure 5G BlackBerry handset with a physical keyboard.

After nearly six months of complete radio silence, BlackBerry brand licensee OnwardMobility is here today to tells us its ambitious 5G-flavored plans are not dead yet.

On January 4th, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry PlayBook OS will lose key the websites services, which would most likely make the devices using BlackBerry’s OS unusable

Early last year Onward Mobility announced a new BlackBerry 5G smartphone with a physical keyboard for the first half of 2021. BlackBerry fans want to know where their first 5G phone is.

A study of over 50,000 swipes on a dating app reveals that Apple iPhone owners are 76% more likely to find a match while BlackBerry owners are 74% less likely to find romance

Ranking the best BlackBerry phones in 2022 is a tall order, but if you’re keen on surprising everyone around you with a blast from the past, there are some options.

That hot new 5G BlackBerry Android s might not be right around the corner yet, but at least it’s still happening.

New concept renders for the first 5G BlackBerry were released by a company called Behance and it includes a unqiue keyboard made up of small buttons on the screen that change labeling depending on the content on the display.

A concept render of the upcoming 5G BlackBerry (which would be the first ‘Berry’ with 5G connectivity) reveals thin side bezels, a curved screen and the iconic physical QWERTY keyboard.

The smartphone world still awaits the unveiling of OutwardMobile’s first BlackBerry phone. The new licensee will support 5G connectivity and is expected to sport flagship-style cameras.

The first-ever BlackBerry-branded 5G smartphone is still set to be released at some point this year in North America and Europe by a US-based startup called OnwardMobility.

PhoneArena staff share their worst smartphone experiences. Join the conversation! Which phone has disappointed you the most over the years?

BlackBerry should aim with the new iteration of the BlackBerry phone. That means building a high-end flagship that appeals to businessmen like the original two-way pager did.

BlackBerry is making a comeback in 2021 with the help of two companies! The first smartphone will be a 5G device powered by Android that boasts a QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry smartphones will be no more unless someone picks up the torch from TCL The end of the partnership between the two companies was just announced and its expiration date is set at .

The unlocked BlackBerry KE2 LE can be had for as low as $230, but you’ll have to activate it on AT&T’s network the day you buy it.

BlackBerry has added Dark mode support for the BlackBerry Hub+ apps available from the Google Play Store. While free for BlackBerry users, they ironically won’t get to use the Dark mode features until a new ‘Berry is launched.

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