For free needles and a safe point of disposal check the NSW Needle and Syringe Program map

For free needles and a safe point of disposal check the NSW Needle and Syringe Program map

For free needles and a safe point of disposal check the NSW Needle and Syringe Program map

Whether you or someone else calls an ambulance when you are sick or injured, you may be liable for the cost, ranging from a few hundred, to over a thousand dollars in fees. Health Care Card Holders are given free ambulance cover in NSW, and private health insurance provides ambulance cover from $45 per year.

For cheap or free services, you could be treated by final year students (who need to practice on clients) under the strict supervision of qualified teachers. These services include: osteopathy, physiotherapy, psychology, acupuncture, hairdressing, chiropody, massage, etc. Contact the faculty or TAFE offering these courses and ask them for clinic hours and fees.

Health Care Card

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Health Care Cards are available to most students on a Centrelink payment, or Australian citizens (or PR) who earn an average of less than $644 per week (single person with no dependents). It entitles the holder to:

  • Reduced pharmaceuticals (about $6 or more per script)
  • Free ambulance cover
  • Access to free dental care (though the waiting lists are a few years long)
  • Free prescription lenses and frames (limited choices)
  • Discounts to some alternative medical practices (as negotiated with the provider).

Have as much consensual, safe sex as you would like. The SRC can provide you with free condoms and lube, as can various sexual health providers and family planning clinics. Take the time to learn how to use condoms correctly. If you are a sex worker contact the Sex Worker Outreach Project for safer sex supplies, information and support.

It’s always cheaper to have some drinks at home than to go to a pub or club. NSW Health offers comprehensive information at health.nsw.gov.au/aod. If you are accused of possession of illegal drugs, say nothing to the Police until you speak to a solicitor.


Riding a bike is cheap but reduce the risk of theft by getting an effective bike lock and learning how to attach it properly. The City of Sydney offers information and courses on how to ride safely, and how to maintain your bike. Public transport can be expensive if you are not eligible for a transport concession, however, it is significantly https://worldpaydayloans.com/payday-loans-ga/manchester/ less expensive than running your own car. When traveling from place to place, always consider your safety. Sometimes it is good to splash out and take a taxi or ride share home.

Renting cars may be a better option than buying a car, if you do need one occasionally. There are a number of car share companies as well as hire companies to consider. Read their contracts very carefully, as their excess fees and other costs can be exorbitant.

You may be eligible for a Fares Allowance if you receive a Centrelink payment, and you have to live away from your permanent home for study. Centrelink will pay for the cheapest form of practicable public transport to and from your home, each semester, regardless of how you actually travel.

The Union (USU) offers a large range of social activities that you can attend, many of which are free. They also have an Access Rewards Membership for $45 p.a, that will give you a range of discounts. University Clubs and Societies can bring lots of benefits for small joining fees.

Trivia nights at various pubs in Sydney are also free to enter, and can have some great prizes. Some pubs also have raffles or membership badge competitions free to people in the pub at a particular time.

Important Notice and Disclaimer: This information does not constitute legal advice. Check with a caseworker for the most up-to-date information. Do not accept verbal advice by itself from any source including Centrelink. Get a decision in writing. Without this subsequent appeals or backdating are at risk.

There are many different ideas on how to budget: make a spreadsheet to know how much to spend on each thing; give yourself pocket money; or pay a little bit on each bill each week.

There are very limited options for free dental treatments through Medicare. International students should check their health insurance provider to see what services are included. Domestic students could consider the benefit of getting dental insurance too. The cheapest way to have ongoing dental treatment is to have regular check ups and cleaning to avoid costly fillings.

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