Charlotte apparently had a good personality including loyalty to her superiors, seriousness for her given tasks, caring to her customer/lover

Charlotte apparently had a good personality including loyalty to her superiors, seriousness for her given tasks, caring to her customer/lover

Charlotte apparently had a good personality including loyalty to her superiors, seriousness for her given tasks, caring to her customer/lover

Charlotte was a prostitute and aspiring graphic designer working in Rackham’s brothel. She was friends with Idelle. She was apparently a skilled artist and also used as a spy by Rackham and then Max. She was a favorite of Logan and was visited by him whilst the crew of the Walrus waited to attack Vane’s fortress. She was killed by Anne Bonny.

Season One [ ]

John Silver asks Logan how the fencing operation works in Nassau. Logan explains that the Guthries take it and sell their plunder in legitimate markets. Silver then asks who the Guthries are and Logan says that he just wants to get the task of loading the plunder onto the wagon done with so he can go to the Inn and see Charlotte.

Season Two [ ]

Charlotte is first seen drawing a draft version of Black as Rackham told her to do so. This initial draft was directly discarded by Rackham as it didn’t reflect the scary undertone that he had envisioned. She asked how it should have been drawn to make it look more grim and deadly and he replied that he and her both would know if they had seen the flag. She became disappointed to his opinion and angrily took away the draft paper.

She was later seen drawing the original version of the pirate flag while Rackham sneaking up on her. In Anne Bonny’s presence, Rackham asked Charlotte about whether she had any custom with Captain Flint’s crews. She replied that she had a customer from the crew and the customer won’t let other crew to come near her adding that he can’t stay longer without her. Rackham urged her to ask the customer about Urca gold the next time she sees him. After Max had assured her to tell him, she told that the gold wasn’t found in the supposed location and the crew encountered with a man of war instead.

As to her surprise, they didn’t know about the gold being not found. She was told to be more elaborated with her information but was instantly interrupted when Idelle called Rackham to have a talk with her instead.

She did let Max know about the customer crew of her who turned out to be Logan, had arrived from the beach.

She confirmed Rackham’s information about Logan being tight lipped about the gold’s location therefore finding this situation to be more important and secretive than she initially thought. She was asked by Max to find more intel from him as as she had gained her position to be his confidante. She was later approached by Bonny about the information of the location of gold from Logan after she had sex with him. Charlotte was seemingly scared about giving information to her and told her that the Urca gold was on the beach and that Flint still planned to go get it. She also added that Logan was coming again that night and she might have more intel from him by then. Bonny became impatient and went after Logan as Charlotte tried to stop her verbally. She was stabbed violently to death by Bonny right after she had killed Logan as Charlotte watched in shock and went accosting Bonny about killing Logan.

Her body was seen lying beside the door as Max entered the room after getting signal from Idelle only to find Bonny sitting on the floor in a dark corner of the room. Idelle tells Max that they should get the doorman to kill Anne but Max refuses and insists they help Anne.

Idelle later tells Max that she and some of the other girls are afraid and were thinking of hiring some men to kill Anne to prevent her from lashing out and killing Max or any of them. Max orders Idelle not to go through with this, and warns her that those men she would hire care more about their relationship with Max than her. However, Max tells Idelle that if any of the girls are still upset or afraid because of what happened to Charlotte, they should come to her.

Season Four [ ]

After Anne asks Idelle to find a ship for her so she can leave Philadelphia, Idelle chastises her. She reminds Anne that she killed Charlotte, a friend of Idelle’s, for reasons that had nothing to do with her. Idelle knew men who would have killed Anne if she asked, she had the money and wanted to, but Max prevented her from doing so. Idelle couldn’t tell if it was because Max was afraid of her, which Idelle wouldn’t https://hookupdate.net/local-hookup/portland/ blame her for, for she herself was afraid of Anne. Idelle obeyed Max’s wishes and helped protect Max. She says she did all this because Max has been told by the world every day that she is unworthy of what she desires or what little she has, she never believed it. Max has been fighting the world since the day she’s been born and is a breath away from winning that fight. For some reason, Max wants to share the spoils with Anne, but Anne wants to walk away. Idelle tells Anne once again that she killed Idelle’s friend, and she wanted her to know that. Before she leaves, she cuts Anne a slice of bread.

Personality and Appearance [ ]

Charlotte was a tall, beautiful young voluptuous blonde with a knack for drawing. She always wore low cut dresses to flaunt her bosom, occasionally wearing lace-up brocade ribbon corset dress, creating a usual yet attractive look for a prostitute.

She even had a courageous demeanor to stand for herself and speaking her mind with her superiors whenever in doubt. She wasn’t afraid of Bonny after she killed her lover Logan rather confornted her boldly.

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