Don’t get me completely wrong, I love advancements and designs

Don’t get me completely wrong, I love advancements and designs

Don’t get me completely wrong, I love advancements and designs

I am typically ok redecorating the app however these final couple of revisions being disgusting. Animated the notice switch into the much left of this monitor, is really hard for a right given individual bring effortless access to a typical put element. Furthermore going the option to fast access messenger to the top associated with display screen are ridiculous, either you need extra the software or browse up till the look club pops up to push this switch. It must be changed making use of marketplace switch. Industry is not a day to day use part. Really frustrated with brand new upgrade.

Then place it towards the top and push messenger access back once again to the base or improve best research bar stick to the display screen whenever scrolling

This has been six weeks that i’ve been secured out-of my Facebook levels because of an extremely puzzling error or slip for the fist showing that I found myself under 13 years of age! I’ve never really had a problem with Facebook but quickly as a result of a potential typographical mistake whenever checking my own data, this block occurred. We right away submitted her necessary ID to show who I happened to be, plus a photograph and submitted it in their mind. Heard nothing. Up to now We have published my ID 6 instances over the last thirty days – something should’ve been revised rapidly. Alternatively, simply quiet and every time I tried to resolve they I’m informed add my personal ID.! I’m not sure what otherwise i will create aˆ“ pleasing really does nothing because there is totally no communications or acknowledgement. I am frustrated and disgusted with all the not enough customer care.

I’m rather satisfied with fb. BUT. News are becoming an issue. But getting questioned to download a nearly 300MB modify just what may seem like every day or two gets ridiculous. My personal internet packages limit try put under sufficient stress because it’s with Microsoft and their 50GB online game revisions and Apple using their nearly 3GB iOS posts, so you can realize my personal disappointment more and much more enterprises be seemingly within the impact that the population is actually okay using this brand-new style of doing situations and able to down load terabytes of information at will most likely. It is not good enough.

Since I have current they with present upgrade (did it about two days ago) my fb software bgclive is playing up with the Notifications. I’ll visit engage the alerts which comes right up within the notifications part and versus taking us to the article it really is on about it’ll capture me to the party that the notice is on about (just playing with group announcements; probably will need to have pointed out that earlier in the day but oh well). It is extremely frustrating as I have to be capable of finding the specific article effortlessly when it comes to particular teams I’m in along with this, it becomes very very difficult to get the article the alerts is attempting to notify me over.

I don’t have any such thing specifically negative to state regarding genuine app itself

Hello we have created friends also it helps to keep advising us to incorporate documents on the documents point I must make use of a pc. Are you able to kindly transform this allowing it on all systems such as cellular telephone as i don’t possess access to a pc My cluster provides extensive contributed records such as a hell of loads if pdfs but i’m obligated to create them to the announcements section to help my users to see all of them in a single place it could well be awesome if i might have an option to add they straight away to the files part from the communities top web page like everyone else can with announcements

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