Here, you get to meet genuine swingers and singles who are willing to swing

Here, you get to meet genuine swingers and singles who are willing to swing

Here, you get to meet genuine swingers and singles who are willing to swing

So, take your time and start exploring, as there is a lot to be seen. Heck, I spent a lot more time on this site than on some porn websites, simply because they really do have a lot of great options.

Let’s also not forget that you can support the site if you choose to. Obviously, as a supporter, you will get some better perks and privileges, but all of that is explained on the site. If you are considering using this place for a long while, you might as well get those perks. If not, you can browse for everything for free, no biggie.

Chat with random strangers!

Of course, a site like this would not really make any sense if you do not have an option to chat with people. There are a couple of chat rooms, or you can directly message different users. Your choice, but I prefer to browse through the accounts, see what other people have to say about themselves, check out the photos/videos that are mostly available for the supporters, and so on.

Now, if you are not a supporter, you do not get any pictures, which is a bit crappy, but oh well. You will get to meet loads of horny swingers who are here to have some fun. I’ve met lots of people who were very friendly and happy to have some dirty alone time with me, not https://hookupdate.net/thaicupid-review/ to mention that the site has free video chats and live cams… is this heaven?

The search options are solid.

If you click on the tab called ‘browse’ you will be given advanced search options. You actually have a lot of filters to choose from. Starting with what you are looking for, and who you are, which are two of the most important aspects when searching for your swinger couple.

You can also choose the age between 18 and older, and choose the city where you are from or the distance. You can choose whether you want to meet today… and so on. You can even choose whether they are smokers, they have photos, their sexual orientation… I mean, their search options are quite fucking nice.

I could think of a couple of things that they could have improved some of the options, and I would really fucking appreciate if they improved the overall look of the site, because this shit just does not sit well with me. Oh well, those who are here for the swingers will probably not really mind about what this place has to offer, right?

Good user-features.

On top of the site, you will have different options listed, depending on what you are searching for, what you want or whatever the fuck. You can choose to browse for random strangers, or immediately access their chat options. If you would like to know what other people think or simply read some news or articles, you can check out their forum. I mean, we all know how forum sites work, and this one ain’t different.

They have a section for meets and events, which is a perfect place where you could meet your next swinger couple… It was fun browsing through the events, meet new strangers, talking about sex and swing, and so on.

What I do not appreciate is the last tab that states ‘pics’, and while it does offer pictures, it is kind of bait for those who have not become supporters. It is a cheap blow if you ask me, but whatever. I am a supporter, so I got access to all of their shit… and personally, I do think that you are missing out.

This place is completely free, and it will help you find local swingers, which is what makes them so fucking great. You basically get to explore everything this place has to offer, and search for the swingers locally, which actually means that you might get to see some action. We all know the hookup sites that lead to nowhere, and this place is not like that.

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