Alex later seduced Toby and therefore provided them to write out and you will eventually, make love

Alex later seduced Toby and therefore provided them to write out and you will eventually, make love

Alex later seduced Toby and therefore provided them to write out and you will eventually, make love

Regarding given up barn where Hanna is being kept attentive, she hears “Spencer”‘s sound contacting their label, which causes Hanna in order to awaken and see a younger “Spencer”. “Spencer” promises Hanna one she would not let her pass away within, compelling Hanna to say that this really is a dream and therefore she cannot let the lady. Spencer says to this lady one to a dream is an occurrence which experience try genuine. A good distraught Hanna says that she need to have listened to “Spencer” and therefore maybe it’s the great thing that they do not know whom slain Charlotte as the she’d determine if she performed. Alex, while the Spencer tells this lady that she will be able to stay away from and that she’ll be here on her, and you will makes the girl believe everything is a dream.

Alex can be seen thinking about a beneficial Hastings loved ones scrapbook for the the Hastings Domestic. She stops for the a full page out of kids images presumed becoming away from Spencer and you can looks during the him or her for a few seconds ahead of looking out irritably.

She provides him a book while the a so long Thai single dating site current and you may requires when the she will hug your one last time. It move on to hug just before Alex, nevertheless posing due to the fact Spencer, departs.

Alex, acting are Spencer, says to the lady you to this lady has this down which she will end up being ok, the while you are Hanna thinks it is Spencer and not Alex Drake

Alex and you will Wren are experiencing a conference at airport, and you will Wren tells Alex that he desires the woman ahead family. He along with tells her you to definitely she’s got the bucks and therefore she shouldn’t remain torturing the girls. Alex says to your this isn’t towards currency and therefore Spencer had everything and you can she’s near to ultimately getting the woman. She upcoming sees Ezra and you may calls over to your. Alex introduces Wren in order to Ezra when you’re pretending becoming Spencer, as well as attracts your to own beverages using them. Although not, he refuses and you can treks out of. She catches as much as your and you can lies to Ezra and you can informs him one to she try talking-to Wren from the Charlotte and you can need to see if the guy knew something regarding the game, but she was not winning. She requires him to keep their run-during the a key, that he agrees so you’re able to.

Alex, beneath the guise away from Spencer, come to Toby’s college accommodation unannounced. She inserted and additionally they reminisced about their kiss during the “Brand new DArkest Knight”. Because of their the same bullet injury mark, Toby was unaware you to definitely she wasn’t Spencer.

Alex says so long to help you Toby when you find yourself acting as Spencer

Alex is found checking out her mother, Mary Drake, within the jail. Mary tells the lady one this lady has overlooked her and this has been months given that she history decided to go to. Alex apologizes and you may tells Mary she overlooked the lady too. Alex requires Mary exactly how she is performing, and you may Mary reacts that she actually is trying to not give up hope and this Alex could say, “Guarantee types eternal misery”. Alex reacts that old Spencer would have concurred, but she doesn’t determine if she thinks one any further. Mary asks Alex exactly how she’s supporting, and you can Alex reacts from the saying that she requires Mary’s help.

Alex is visible whenever Spencer is actually getting up once are hit from the Mona. She’s inside a room and you will talks about exactly what she thinks try a mirror. Alex, not able to maintain the rouse, reduces the girl hand off the woman head while you are Spencer enjoys her’s toward her direct. Spencer talks about her, amazed, and Alex yells, “Boo!” and scares Spencer. She begins laughing gleefully whenever Mary Drake walks upwards about the girl and gets in Spencer’s area, in which she claims that they don’t believe she’d awaken very in the near future. Mary Drake after that subdues Spencer, just who looks up during the Alex.

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