The Theban alphabet is employed virtually specifically by Wiccans as a substitution cipher to protect magical documents from spying attention

The Theban alphabet is employed virtually specifically by Wiccans as a substitution cipher to protect magical documents from spying attention

The Theban alphabet is employed virtually specifically by Wiccans as a substitution cipher to protect magical documents from spying attention

They began as an awesome alphabet; the precise origin on the text is unidentified. The Theban alphabet first starred in printing in Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s next publication of Occult approach in 1531, where it absolutely was ascribed into the celebrated magus Honorius of Thebes.

That is what comes from experiencing their interior sound: great items

This alphabet try occasionally also known as the a€?Runes of Honorius,a€? although Theban isn’t a runic alphabet. While it resembles some ancient alphabets, it is unknown before Agrippa’s publication. Its little-used as a magical alphabet, except as an intermittent replacement for Anglo-Saxon runes, and for producing charms and amulets. Theban had been launched to Wicca by the president, Gerald Gardner. To make use of Theban as a cipher, just exchange Theban characters for English letters as found below:

It might apparently myself that each page could also signify lots like different alphabets eg Greek or Hebrew

I have seen on some internet your the w figure matches the u/v character and I’m wondering, which is the proper way?

I am most likely to late posting this but here you are anyhow. Therefore this means we and J share the exact same logo so create U, V, and W.

The present day figures J, U and W are not displayed, and in look at more info modern usage they’re transliterated using the Theban figures for I, V and V

I developed personal logo design, but i didn’t know it have some elements of the Witches’ Runes. (It integrates the a€?ma€? with the a€?pa€? and so the range crosses the range between the 2 m’s in the a€?ma€?)

Theban is tough to learn by center, but as soon as you perform, you will recognize their value! The beautiful and definitely helps to keep prying attention from your personal writings and such

Individuals right here informed about his initiation with a wiccan cluster. One thing to learn is Never to reveal you happen to be even a wiccan start. Fog Moon only went by a few nights back, and it is quite interesting. Need a pleasant coming Yule-time people, to make the most from it!!

Blessed Be my personal brothers and sisiters! I really hope that all of you may have got a fortunate time and they are mastering the methods from the Ancient Ones!!

Learning about Wicca was fasinating. They gives excitment and secret in addition to nerve for more information. Runes fascinate me by far the most and rates so i’d prefer to find out more, any person know any good websites?

I am learning bout this and we roentgen come into nombs and then we have factors for folks who present items. I’m sure no-one cares lol so……

heey, in my opinion that in the event that you have a lot more questions regarding wicca, join stardoll-it’s cost-free. It isn’t about wicca, but stardoll customers need organizations often about wuicca witch really helps.

wow, i’m seeking a site about wicca with a chat room like this and i cannot choose one. oh well, good-luck!

I thing wicca is an excellent knowledge. but were will be the rest of the alphabet? You ought to put considerably in you web page. I happened to be thingking of going right down to thew coastline and accumulate some sand, sea-water and shells and place after that in jars. I’m not sure the reason why, the idea stumbled on myself yesterday.

If this involved your a€?randomly’ and you have a desire to do this, absolutely do it! It can be vitally important. Maybe not a whole lot putting the jar together, but perhaps the experiences itself. Water is extremely therapeutic. Would be to satisfy somebody who will be of good assist to your in a few (and maybe even a lot of) components of your lifetime.

I usually located witchcraft therefore fascinating. I recently recently began practicing secret a few weeks ago. I made a decision to analyze a bit more. Just like the site. You may have a great number of tips. Continue the favorable efforts!

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